AR-15 Tactical Rifle Course 1 & 2

Many people enjoy owning this popular rifle platform, but this is not your daddy's shotgun. This class is designed to teach students how to maximize the use of their rifle for self or home defense, as well as general tactical usage.

$75 per person per course

4 hours per course on the range

  • Parts & Pieces

  • Setting up Your AR for Accrual Tactical Shooting

  • Common Malfunctions & How to Fix (S.P.O.R.T.S.)

  • Sighting in the Rifle

  • Stance and Firing

  • Maneuvering

  • Suppressive Fire Exercise

  • Aggressive Movement While Shooting

  • Defensive Movement While Shooting

  • Structure Clearing

Tactical Shotgun Course

Most people know the distinctive sound of a shotgun being racked; it's hard to beat a 12-Gauge Pump for home defense, but there's more to it. This class is designed to help build and maintain your ability to deploy and utilize this versatile firearm.

$75 per person

4 hours on the range

  • Controlling the Recoil

  • Posture and Position

  • Different Loads for Different Results

  • Clearing and Reloading Drills

  • One-Handed Operation

  • Aggressive Maneuvering While Shooting

  • Defensive Maneuvering While Shooting

  • COMBAT Shotgun Structure Clearing

  • COMBAT Shotgun Deployment